SEO tips to help promote your website

In today’s internet dominated world, it is of the utmost priority that website owners get their sites Search Engine Optimized, meaning that the site will show up higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).

It is proven that the huge majority of people will never search further than the first page of results, so getting a site displayed there is a huge boost to business. There are a few simple tips to ensure that a website starts to rise in these rankings.

The first is to ensure that keywords are thoroughly researched and are used in a way that is conducive to gaining more business. All of the parts of a website – including titles, URLs, pictures and headlines – should be concentrated on, with the keywords used prevalently. Never overuse a keyword though, as it will make a website seem unnatural and could also lead to search engines thinking you are a spammer.

A good XML map of a website is also essential and many web developers will be able to create this. This makes it easier for the search engine’s robots to decipher a site and therefore allows a higher placing on their results.

Creating links is also a huge factor in SEO on a site. There are two main ways to do this. Firstly, use other websites to create a link to a site, for example writing articles on a pertinent subject and submitting them to online article databases complete with a site’s contact details. Secondly, links can be swapped with other websites by agreeing to post links to the other’s websites on their own site.

Finally, and most importantly, ensure that a website is updated regularly. This will encourage both visitors and search engine spiders to keep returning, therefore forcing the site up in rankings.