Our Prices

SEO Prices

SEO Services offer s a very competitive pricing option.Tthere are 2 main payments.

The first payent is an  initial payment for on page optimisation of your website. This involves optimising every page of your website so that it is search engine friendly. We will research the most popular and revelant keywords for your chosen niche and make your website SEO friendly so that Google will recognise your website for those specific keywords and in turn will show your website high up on their search engines. The exact price will depend on how much optimisation is required of your website and how many pages it has.

The second payment is a monthly payment. We will be heavily involved in backlinking your website with very high authority sites that already rank very highly with Google. Since your website is now linked from high quality websites, this will show Google that your site is important and then your website will start ranking highly for those keywprd phrases.

Our starting package is £1000 per month for promoting 4 keywords , or we can customize a package for you up to £10,000 per month.

You can call us for an exact estimate for optimsing your website. Don’t waste time people are earning huge amounts of money by having their website at the top of Google.